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2014-10-02 AIPH awards Gold Medal to China Flower Association President

Madame Jiang Zehui, President of China Flower Association (CFA), has been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).

AIPH President, Vic Krahn, presented the accolade during the opening ceremony of the 66th Annual Congress of AIPH to Madame Jiang in recognition of her outstanding contribution to ornamental horticulture in China through her leadership of the CFA and support for AIPH.

Congratulating Madame Jiang, AIPH President Vic Krahn said, “This award recognises outstanding achievement and Madame Jiang, who has travelled the world to maximise the Chinese horticulture industry, is a very worthy recipient. Her love for plants and gardens, and her support for horticulture worldwide, has driven her key role in making the Chinese flower, plants and forestry industry what it is today”.

Madame Jiang has been President of the CFA since 1999 where she has grown the organisation that represents ornamentals growers in China. During this period China has become a world leader in ornamentals production. Currently, the Chinese flower industry covers a planting area of ​​1,227,100 hectares, sales of 128.811 billion yuan (U.S. $2,097.8 million)and exports worth U.S. $646 million, and has become the largest country in the world in terms of planted area.

Madame Jiang has also overseen hugely successful AIPH-approved international horticultural exhibitions including Kunming in 1999, Xi’an in 2011 and Qingdao this year. Her enthusiasm for promoting horticulture through expos continues with Tangshan in 2016 and a major A1 class expo in Beijing in 2019.

Receiving the award Madame Jiang thanked AIPH for its support for the CFA over many years, adding, “It’s a great honour and surprise for me. I’d like to share the honour with all my colleagues and the people who have been working enthusiastically for the prosperity of floriculture in China and all over the world”.

The medal was presented in the presence of Mr. Liu Dongsheng, Deputy Director General of Chinese State Forestry Administration, Mr. Wang Naijing, Vice Chairman of Shandong Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference and Mr. Zhang Xinqi, Mayor of Qingdao as well as over 100 AIPH members and guests attending the congress.

2014-09-17  Schoneveld Breeding, The Netherlands, wins AIPH 2014 International Grower of the Year

Schoneveld Breeding, The Netherlands, is the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Golden Rose winner for 2014.

The coveted prize was announced at the 66th AIPH Annual Congress gala dinner in Qingdao, China, on 17 September 2014, during which the golden rose trophy was presented by AIPH President, Vic Krahn and China Flower Association Secretary General, Liu Hong.

Other winners of the IGOTY awards, partnered by FloraCulture International, include:

  • Silver rose - Fujian Liancheng Orchid Corporation, China
  • Bronze rose - Queen / Knud Jepsen, Denmark
  • Fourth place – Winkelmolen Nursery Ltd, Canada

Golden Rose:

Schoneveld Breeding, The Netherlands

Growing flowering pot plants since 1930, starting with Cyclamen and later introducing Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula, today Schoneveld Breeding has a substantial share of the cyclamen market and owns a number of the leading brands in its sector.

The company has several research programmes and uses its own laboratory for research into seed technology as well as its own genetic material. Schoneveld Breeding also provides growers with the necessary support to enable them to produce high-quality plants through growing recommendations for young plants and finished products.

The jury was impressed by the business and their marketing theme, ‘connecting the chain’ which seeks to add value throughout the supply chain.

Peter and Danielle van de Pol were present to receive their golden rose. Commenting on their win Peter van de Pol said “I am very proud to win this prize. We work with all parts in the supply chain to add quality and value. This is our focus and receiving this award proves that we are on the right track”.

Commenting on the results AIPH President, Vic Krahn said, “This has been an incredibly exciting evening, there was electricity in air. The winners are all extraordinarily happy, and so they should be because the entrants were really top quality. The judges had a difficult job, with a large pool to pick from. They had very difficult decisions to make and they have done a great job. This award promotes the best of the best in the world; I congratulate all four winners tonight and especially our gold rose winner, Schoneveld Breeding.”

Other winners in the awards were:

Silver Rose

Orchid breeder, Fujian Liancheng Orchid Corp.Ltd, China Founded in 2000, Fujian Liancheng Orchid Corp. cultivates orchids for 37 franchised stores nationwide, and ranks top in the domestic orchid industry producing more than 11 million orchids of over 260 varieties from seven species a year.

The company strives to develop high-quality Chinese Orchid products that embody the culture and spirit surrounding the Chinese Orchids.

The jury admired the way the company has added value by developing multi-purpose orchids which can also be included in food, drinks, cosmetics and perfume. The business has 12% of the Chinese Orchid market in China. It has shown considerable growth over a short time period and has a bright future ahead.

Bronze Rose:

Kalanchoë producer, Knud Jepsen A/S, Queen®, Denmark Founded in 1963, Queen is a leading grower producing approximately 25 million kalanchoë plants and 50 million kalanchoë cuttings in a 120,000 sqm area.

With a strong focus on innovation, the company seeks to improve and modernise its production facilities in order to develop new and premium quality products that offer bright ‘on-trend’ colours, long-lasting blooms that look fresh for weeks and are easy to grow.

The jury praised the business for being active in breeding and commercialising their products through the use of eye-catching store displays, integrated in the trolley system; a QR code to access the latest tips and also through their participation in national promotion programs. The nursery produces plants to the highest quality, social and environmental standards.

Fourth Place:

Tree and shrub grower, Winkelmolen Nursery Ltd., Ontario, Canada Established in 1979, Winkelmolen Nursery is situated on 600 acres of land producing high quality trees and shrubs for garden centres, cities, conservation areas and other nurseries, as well as growing many native trees that are propagated from local seed sources.

The Nursery consistently looks to develop new improved processes and automation using the latest technology, and is currently working with a company on creating a scanner to help modernise its grading and inventory process.

The jury was impressed with the way the company works with a research committee and government organizations, including universities and research stations to help in processes and automation in production and labour.


News 2012

2012-11-26  6th International Symposium on the Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants

You are invited to attend the 6th International Symposium on the Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants, which will be held on 15-19 July 2013, Beijing, China. The Symposium, under the auspices of the International Society for Horticultural Sciences, is organized by Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Botanical Garden, National Engineering Research Center for Floriculture, Ornamental Committee of the Chinese Society for Horticultural Science and Working Committee of Nomenclature and Cultivar Registration, CSHS.

The theme of the Symposium is "Better Taxonomy, Better Life", focusing on identification, evaluation and nomenclature of cultivated plants, cultivar registration as well as cultivated plants information storage and retrieval. The Symposium, consisting of invited lectures, technical visits, oral and poster presentations, will welcome scientists, scholars, professionals and students from universities, research institutes and companies to present research results, share up-to-date information and discuss common concerns for the taxonomy of cultivated plants.

For more details, please visit the website

2012-02-21 International Conference on Germplasm of Ornamentals (Beijing, China, July 2012)

You are invited to attend the International Conference on Germplasm of Ornamentals scheduled July 16-20th, 2012, Beijing, China.
The theme of the symposium is sustainable development and utilization of ornamental resources.

Sponsored by International Society for Horticultural Sciences, the symposium will be hosted by Beijing Forestry University, the University of Western Australia and Beijing Botanical Gardens.

Experts from all over the world will join in the conference to discuss the development of the germplasm of ornamentals.

For more information about the symposium, visit the symposium website 

2012-02-14 II International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe - SHE2012

The Organizing Committee is delighted to invite you to the 2nd Symposium on Horticulture in Europe (SHE 2012). It will take place on 1-5 July 2012 in Angers, France.

The Symposium is open to scientists, teachers, professionals and students interested in a forum to discuss their respective scientific advances and build new cooperation.

The objective of the Symposium is to give scientists who study all aspects of horticulture an opportunity to exchange knowledge, information, ideas and techniques.

It will cover all research areas relevant to horticulture in Europe, e.g. plant physiology, plant genetics, plant health, plant-environment relationships, plant quality, economics and technical engineering. The spatial scale will range from cell level to the cropping systems and the landscape.

SHE 2012 will give the opportunity to network and build new interdisciplinary research projects and European courses at Master and PhD level.

Check out the symposium website for further details, online registration and abstract submission.

2012-02-14 First Announcement: 10th International Symposium on Postharvest Quality of Ornamental Plants (Brazil 2012)

The symposium is organized by the International Society for Horticultural Science and will cover the quality and physiology of ornamental plants.

The symposium topics include:

  • Programmed death of petal cells.
  • The role of ethylene in flower senescence.
  • Quality and postproduction of potted ornamental plants.
  • Handling and postharvest physiology of tropical flowers.
  • Future perspectives of postharvest handling of potted plants and cut flowers.

For registration, abstract submission and other information visit the symposium website

2012-01-17 Sixth European Botanic Gardens Congress, Botanic Gardens in a changing world

You are invited to participate in the Sixth European Botanic Gardens Congress (EUROGARD VI), which is being held on Chios Island, the “Duchess” of the Aegean from May 28th till June 2nd.

The congress covers topics crucial for the conservation of plant diversity and other tasks of botanic gardens in a world with a changing climate. The focus is on the theoretical base and best practice examples for ex situ collections as a conservation tool.

This congress is part of a series of European Botanic Gardens Congresses or EuroGards which aim to strengthen the capacity and collaboration among European botanic gardens as well as deepen their role in the society at large. EuroGard is organised every three years by the European Botanic Gardens Consortium and the hosting institution with support from Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

The aim of EUROGARD VI is to bring together best practices and theory in order to:

  • Promote effective action by botanic gardens for plant conservation
  • Strengthen the links between botanic gardens, research institutes, conservation networks and other stakeholders.
  • Enhance botanic gardens as centres for sustainability, human well-being, environmental awareness and protection

For more information see


2012-01-10 The International Conference of Medicinal, Aromatic Plants and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research

This conference regularly attracts close to 500 community, technical, and four-year college/university senior- and mid-level administrators, faculty, and professional staff, in addition to a significant number of corporate and other educational leaders. An impressive number of attendees are international participants.

Why should you attend?
- Discuss recent scientific advances that are contributing to the progress of Medicine, Sera and vaccine development.
- Identify research opportunities and scientific challenges associated with medicine and vaccine development, production and distribution.
- Access unique, high quality content.
- Learn from experts and opinion leaders.
- Network with delegates from over 30 countries.
- Visit the co-located exhibition.

The conference will take place on April 23-25, 2012 in Egypt.
For more information visit the website.


2012-01-03 Can Green Infrastructure save the day in China? If so, what can the rest of us learn from the story?

On a recent visit to China, Mark Long (Director of the UK Green Forum) participated in the 63rd Association of International Horticultural Producers’ (AIPH) Annual Congress, launched a new book of ‘Green City Guidelines’ at the Global Green City Summit Forum and met senior figures in the academic and professional Green Infrastructure community from around the world. This feature is based on his experiences. Download complete article. See downloads.


2012-01-03 2nd International Workshop Invasive plants in the Mediterranean Type Regions of the World

The Workshop, co-organized by the University of Igdir and The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture was held in Trabzon (Turkey), from 2 to 6 August 2010. It was attended by more than 90 participants from 29 countries (Australia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, UK, USA). Experts from the other Mediterranean Type Regions of the World (Northern Chile, California, the Cape Region of South Africa, and Western Australia) presented their experience with invasive species. The workshop consisted in plenary sessions and small working groups, allowing participants to network and to discuss current and future projects. The conclusions of all small working groups will soon be available. A 3rd workshop on the same topic should be organized in 2014 in Tunisia.

Tthe electronic version of the Trabzon proceedings is now available on the EPPO website at:

Please, feel free to spread this information as much as possible. The proceedings will be promoted in the next EPPO reporting service.

Ahmed Uludag is finalizing the publication of the paper copy, and would send you a copy as soon as you would provide him with your postal address. You may address an email to Ahmet at with the title “Address for the Trabzon proceedings”.


News 2011

2011-12-20 International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe July 2012

From 1st to 5 July 2012 France will organise the 2nd Symposium on Horticulture in Europe (SHE 2012) in Angers.
This Symposium is a joint meeting of the national societies for horticultural science in Europe and receives support from ISHS.
Its general purpose is to contribute to uniting european strengths in the area of horticultural research and education and to making them more visible at the international level.

SHE 2012 is organised by AGROCAMPUS OUEST in partnership with INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique), CIRAD (Centre de Coopération Internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement) and the University of Angers and with the support of the competitiveness cluster VEGEPOLYS.
500 participants from all over Europe are expected, representing horticultural research and education and also the world of professionals. The symposium will involve all the sectors of Horticulture. It will include oral and poster sessions and workshops from 2 to 4 July in the morning. Professional tours will be organised on 4 July afternoon and 5 July all day long.

The scientific sessions will be classified in the 6 following cross-cutting topics:

  1. Contribution of innovative technologies to new developments in horticulture.
  2. Consumer-driven sustainable supply chains management.
  3. Conception and assessment of innovating horticultural systems, including organic horticulture.
  4. Horticulture and biodiversity: contribution to its loss, conservation or increase?
  5. From molecular processes to plant population functioning: towards integrative biology in horticulture.
  6. Landscaping and urban horticulture.

The Organizing Committee invites you to participate in this symposium, to pass the information to your colleagues and submit communications.
For further information, you can go to the symposium website: or send a message to

Registration on-line and accomodation's booking will be open on 10 January 2012 but you can already submit your abstracts for reviewing by the Scientific Committee. Deadline for abstracts submission is 29 February 2012.


2011-12-13 Hydrangea 2012: international symposium for professionals and lovers of the hydrangea 5-6 July 2012, Angers  (France)

"What can we do to develop and improve the hydrangea market taking into account environmental and commercial constraints. What are the hydrangea plants for the future?". Here are the questions the Hydrangea 2012 symposium will try to answer by gathering international experts of Hydrangeas (associations, growers and collectors) in many fields (from basic science until marketing, getting by cultivation techniques).

The symposium will be held on 5-6 July 2012 in Angers (France) at the Terra Botanica Park. There are 4 sessions:
- Origin of the hydrangea and genetic resources, management
- Hydrangea: current physiological, biological and genetic knowledge
- Development strategy and cultivation techniques
- Hydrangea market in 2025.

See for more information.


2011-12-13 Second International Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone, July 1 – July 4, 2012, Ghent (Belgium)

Don’t miss the Second International Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone in Ghent, July 2012! Scientists and growers from all over the world will share new developments in research on hardy nursery stock.

Visit the website for more up to date information on programme, invited speakers and field trips:


2011-11-08 ISHS Meetings - Bangkok December 2011 postponed to February 2012

Because of the recent severe flood crisis in Bangkok, Thailand, the respective Organizing Committees regret to inform that the meetings below, originally scheduled to take place at The Golden Tulip Sovereign, Bangkok, from December 3-6 2011 have been postponed.

The situation has been monitord carefully during the past 4 weeks, and it seems that it's getting worse. Although the hotel venue-The Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel may stay safe and dry at the moment, the transportation system in Bangkok is still suffering from the floods.

Therefore the following meetings have been rescheduled to February 2012 as follows:

February 21-24, 2012, Bangkok (Thailand): International Conference on Quality Management in Supply Chains of Ornamentals (QMSCO 2011). Info: Dr. Sirichai Kanlayanarat, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi, Division of Postharvest Technology, Thungkhru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand. Phone: (66)2 470 7720, Fax: (66)2 452 3750, E-mail: E-mail symposium: Web:

February 21-24, 2012, Bangkok (Thailand): Southeast Asia Symposium on Quality Management in Postharvest Systems (SEAsia2011). Info: Dr. Sirichai Kanlayanarat, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi, Division of Postharvest Technology, Thungkhru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand. Phone: (66)2 470 7720, Fax: (66)2 452 3750, E-mail: Web:

February 21-24, 2012, Bangkok (Thailand): I International Symposium on Postharvest Pest and Disease Management in Exporting Horticultural Crops - PPMD2011. Info: Pongphen Jitareerat, King Mongkut’s Univ. of Technology Thonburi, Div. Postharv.Techn. School of Biores.& Techn., 83 Moo 8, Tientalay rd., 10150 BKK -Bangkhuntien, Thakham, Thailand. E-mail: E-mail symposium: Web:

February 21-24, 2012, Bangkok (Thailand): Asia Pacific Symposium on Postharvest Quality Management of Root and Tuber Crops. Info: Dr. Sirichai Kanlayanarat, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi, Division of Postharvest Technology, Thungkhru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand. Phone: (66)2 470 7720, Fax: (66)2 452 3750, E-mail: E-mail symposium: Web:

The Organizing Committee would like to offer their sincere apologizes for any inconvenience this would cause to potential participants. It is highly appreciated if you all actively participate in the newly scheduled symposium ( February 21-24, 2012).


2011-11-08 UPOV website redesigned

UPOV has redesigned the website.  Some of the features of the redesigned website include the following:

In addition, the Council of UPOV agreed, at its forty-fifth ordinary session, held in Geneva on October 20, 2011, that the documents of the Administrative and Legal Committee (CAJ), Technical Committee (TC) and Technical Working Parties (TWPs), which were formerly only accessible to members and observers, would be made publicly accessible by removal of the password requirement.  The Council also agreed that the removal of the password be arranged to coincide with the launching of the redesigned UPOV website on November 1, 2011.

Web Site:


2011-10-25   Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011 Postponed until December

The organizing committee of the International Horticultural Exposition Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011 has decided to postpone the fair by another month due to the ongoing flood crisis.
Parts of Thailand are now experiencing the worst floods in half a century. This natural disaster is causing severe damage to both life and property of the Thai people and has impact on land transportation especially to the North, Chiang Mai - the venue where the International Horticultural Exposition Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011 is held.

The rescheduled Royal Flora, that previously should open at the beginning of November, will now be open from mid December 2011 till mid March 2012. Exact dates will be published later.


2011-09-13   Flower Show Turkey 2011

Between 15-18 December 2011, you are invited as a visitor or exhibitor at the largest plant fair of Eurasia "Flower Show Turkey", which will be opened to visitors in Istanbul with 25.000 m2 area and over 300 exhibitors from 15 different countries.

Read more:


2011-08-25 The nominees for the International Grower of the Year Award 2011

During the 61st Annual Congress of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) in Zaragoza, Spain, September 2009, six grower candidates from six countries participated in the first “International Grower of the Year” contest. After this very successful first edition, AIPH and FloraCulture International decided to continue this important competition. The second edition was held in September 2010 in Suncheon, Korea and the third will be held in Xi'an, China in September 2011.

This prestigious international competition is financially supported by AIPH and FloraCulture International. The nominees for the International Grower of the Year Award 2011 are:

From Belgium:
Denis-Plants bvba, Beervelde, Belgium
Rene and Solange Denis;

From Canada:
Bylands, West Kelowna, Canada
John Byland

From China:
Hong yue, Zhejiang, China

From The United Kingdom:
Majestic Trees, Nr. St. Albans Herts, United Kingdom
Steve McCurdy

From The Netherlands:
Ammerlaan The Green Innovator, Pijnacker, The Netherlands
Menno Ammerlaan

From Chinese Taipei:
Taida Horticultural Co. Ltd., Da Tsun Chang Hwa, Taiwan
Pen-Chih Lai


2011-08-16   29th International Horticultural Congress 2014 to be held in Brisbane, Australia

In August 2014 the 29th International Horticultural Congress will be held in Brisbane, Australia. It is only the second time the IHC has been held in the southern hemisphere.

Preparations are well underway for the event, and the IHC2014 Congress Organising Committee is working hard to ensure that the Congress will be an exciting and successful event for all delegates who attend the land down under.

If you have not already done so, please reserve the dates of August 17-22, 2014 in your forward calendar.

The Organising Committee is committed to providing you timely and relevant information over the next three years in the lead-up to the Congress, therefore you are invited to check out the IHC2014 website at and register for receiving Congress updates.

A copy of the first IHC2014 newsletter is available online at

We look forward to welcoming you in Brisbane in 2014.

Prof. Rod Drew and Prof. Ian Warrington
Co-Chairs, Congress Executive Committee 2014

For all Congress enquiries please contact Dr Russ Stephenson,
Tel: +61 7 5453 5900
Fax: +61 7 5453 5901PO Box 5083 SCMC
Nambour Qld 4560


2011-07-29 European Championships of professional florists

Press release, Czech Republic, Havirov city, July 27th, 2011

Symphony in flowers - the strongest event for Jaromir Kokes

The press conference before the opening of the European Championships of professional florists EUROPA CUP 2011 was held by a town of Havirov in cooperation with Association of Flower Growers and Florists of the Czech Republic on Wednesday, 27 July 2011 in the building of Havirov municipality.

The Mayor of the Havirov city, Zdenek Osmanczyk, head of press department and general manager of the championship, Radmila Friedlová, Secretary of the Association of Flower Growers and Florists of the Czech Republic, Jana Pudova, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Horticulture of Mendel University in Brno and the member of organizing committee of the EC 2011, Jiri Martinek, and finally a Czech representative of the forthcoming European contest, Jaromir Kokeš were present at the press conference. "I am very glad that the city of Havirov organizes such a prestigious championship. We are a city that has a very close relation to green and flowers. This is a way how to bring to our public something more, something new, " Zdenek Osmanczyk, the Mayor said while opening the press conference in Havirov.  2010-12-07 The Mayor of Suncheon, Mr. Roh Kwan Kyu, awarded as “Korean Public Person of the Year”.


2011-07-12 International Conference on Quality Management in Supply Chaines of Ornamentals

The Organizing committee of the International Conference on Quality Management in Supply Chains of Ornamentals ( in conjunction of SEAsia2011 Symposium ( and APS2011 Symposium ( to be held in Bangkok during 3-6 December 2011 at Golden Tulip Severeign Hotel, would like to invite you to submit an abstract of paper or poster for presentation at the meetings. These meetings are associated with the celebration of the auspicious occassion of His Majester The King's 84th Birthday Anniversary on 5 December 2011.
You can submit your abstract by 15 July 2011.

Besides the symposium also pre&postconference tours can be arranged:
Tour 1 : Rose Garden and Floating Market ( one day trip on 2 December 2011 ).
Tour 2 : Chiang Mai " Rose of The North " ( 3 days and 2 nights during 29 November to 1 December 2011 ).
Tour 3 : Luang Prabang- The World Herritage of Laos ( 3 days and 2 nights during 29 November to 1 December 2011 ).
Tour 4 : Unseen Myanmar Highlight ( 5 days and 4 nights during 7 to 11 December 2011 ).

For more details, please visit the website or and

Contact details:
Chairman,Division of Postharvest Technology
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Thungkru, Bangkok 10600,
Tel : 662-470-7720, 662-470-7721
Fax : 662-452-3750
Email :,


2011-07-12 Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) in Angers organized a seminar on the impact of 15 years of CPVO activities

On 23 June 2011, the CPVO organized in Angers (France) a seminar on 15 years of activities of the European Community Plant Variety Rights system. The seminar took also place to mark the end of the mandate of its first president, Mr. Bart Kiewiet. All stakeholders of the Community plant variety protection system were represented: the members of the CPVO Administrative Council, the European Commission, UPOV, the examination offices, the breeders and the breeders’ organizations and, last but not least, the staff of the CPVO. In addition, representatives of local and regional authorities, the agricultural and horticultural industries participated to this event. AIPH was represented by the Secretary-General, Sjaak Langeslag. He also participated in the round table discussion, which was part of the seminar. Mia Buma, secretary for the AIPH Committee of Novelty Protection, represented AIPH at this happening as well.

The EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer policy, John Dalli, acknowledged the success of the CPVO since 1995 and congratulated its President, Bart Kiewiet, for the work achieved. He repeated the wish of the European Commission to extend the mission of the CPVO with several tasks related to plant variety rights.

The Deputy State of Secretary for Agriculture, Zsolt Feldman, representing the Hungarian presidency of the Council of the European Union, underlined the effective collaboration between the EU Member States and the CPVO relating to plant variety rights in Europe.

The Vice Secretary General of UPOV, Peter Button, highlighted the effective cooperation between UPOV and the CPVO since the very beginning of its activity.

A round table discussion with representatives of the breeders associations, ESA and CIOPORA, the farmers, COPA/COGECA, the ornamental producers, AIPH, and a representative of an examination office, GEVES, expressed their opinion on the achievements of the CPVO, on the scope of protection, and on the future challenges of the CPVO. Tjeerd Overdijk, a Dutch lawyer, animated the discussion. The general outcome was that the stakeholders of the CPVO are generally very satisfied with the system however, there are always topics to be improved such as the farm saved seeds provisions and the possibilities for breeders to enforce their rights. AIPH emphasized in the discussion the importance of the so called ‘breeders obligations’. This means that in case of infringements of the PBR there are not only breeders’ rights, but also breeders’ obligations in their responsibility to growers who are legally growing their protected varieties. It can not be the case that the breeder collects his royalties while letting this extra product come into the market to compete with product of the producers with official licensees.

Finally, Bart Kiewiet, recalled 15 years of CPVO activities, the challenges met and the objectives achieved. He thanked everyone for their commitment to have made the CPVO what it is today. Several persons, amongst whom the Mayor of Angers, congratulated Bart Kiewiet for his work since 1995.


2011-07-05 IFLA Meeting Zürich

On June 25th and 26th, 2011, the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) held its World Council meeting in Zürich, Switzerland. For this meeting AIPH Secretary General, Mr Sjaak Langeslag, was invited to give an presentation about AIPH. Since the first contacts between IFLA and AIPH were established in 2010 both organisations are looking for opportunities for more cooperation.

In his presentation Mr. Langeslag explained the origin of, and developments within AIPH and specifically elaborated on the Green City concept and the Horticultural Exhibitions which might be of special interest to the landscape architects who are united in IFLA. The presentation was received well by the participants and contacts were extended. The common objectives to improve the quality level of landscape and garden design in relation to green living environment and exhibitions, and increased knowledge of horticultural products to be used were shared. Within IFLA a draft MOU was discussed and this will be sent to AIPH for discussion during the AIPH annual congress in September 2011 in Xi’an, China.


2011-06-21   TFDA wins the first AIPH International Award

After a very successful Taipei International Flora Expo, during the closing ceremony Mr. Faber, president of AIPH, handed over the AIPH International Award to Mr. Kevin Chung of the Taiwan Flower Development Association. The Honorary Jury decided that the garden of TFDA in the international competition was the best one meeting the criteria set by AIPH. The design and used materials showed sustainability and connection to the green city and plants for people movements. Also the design reflected a strong bond to national elements like water, family live and nature.

The Expo was visited by over 9 million people who were surprised by beautiful  pavilions, gardens, flowers and plants as well as many cultural events that were organized during the Expo. Because of this great success Mr. Faber also handed over the AIPH gold medal to Mr. Lung-Bin Hau, mayor of Taipei city as token of appreciation for the initiative to organize this international Horticultural Exhibition.


2011-06-21   Flower Show Turkey 2011, Turkey's largest specialization fair for the plant sector

Flower Show Istanbul, Plants, Landscape and Sub-industries Specialization Fair, which aims to enter the international arena as an effective and productive fair, will host sector representatives in Istanbul Fair Centre between the dates of 15 - 18 December 2011.

Istanbul, which is one of the oldest cities having the largest economies in the world, is the most crowded city in Turkey and it is in the first place in terms of financial status. According to the sequencing considering the municipality borders, it has the largest population in Europe.

Turkey, with its steadily growing economy and a population over 70 million, is one of the indispensible markets of Europe. Having the 6th largest economy in Europe, Turkey has an important place in plant production as well in terms of growing plants and the related products and their importation and exportation.

Istanbul, which hosts the leading fairs directed to several sectors in the world, is among the important fair centres in the world due to its logistic and geographical characteristics and it is the door of Turkey opening up the world. Therefore, being the meeting point of the continents, Istanbul is the most appropriate place where the representatives of the international sector meet.

Flower Show Istanbul is the largest specialization fair in this field in Turkey. Flower Show Istanbul will be a real commercial platform where the representatives of plant sector and the related sectors will have the opportunity to establish business contacts, to strengthen the current connections and to access to new markets. Besides following the innovations and developments in the sector, Flower Show Istanbul will also create the opportunity to increase the exportation potentials of the producers in our country and will have an important role in breaking the foreign companies into the Turkish market.

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2011-06-21 Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2011

The NAIVASHA HORTICULTURAL FAIR 2011 will be held on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th September 2011 at the Naivasha Sports Club. The Horticultural Fair was started in 2002 to bring together exhibitors and visitors in a spacious and pleasant environment at affordable prices. Naivasha is not only scenic and central but it is home to one of the largest horticultural communities in East Africa. Every year the numbers of exhibitors and visitors rises as the Naivasha Horticultural Fair gets bigger and better! Every year they manage to attract managers and directors of almost all the flower farms in Kenya, so the exhibitors are able to meet exisitng and potential clients of the highest level. The relaxed atmosphere, together with te spacious venue, and quality of visitors, has led to the Naivasha Horticultural Fair becoming the biggest and best of its kind in the region.

The Naivasha Horticultural Fair is run by a small group of hardworking volunteers and is 100% Charitable. All the money collected goes to local and national charities with a focus on, but not limited to, caring for woman and children. Children homes, community clinics, HIV/AIDS projects, schools and hospitals all benefit, as well as small desparate case by case donations that make an enormous difference to people's lives. The Horticultural Fair was able to make big, essential donations of food and primary neccessities to internal refugees. The Horticultural Fair is pleased to give something back to the community.

Companies are invited to promote their business at the Naivasha Horticultural Faire, whilst at the same time help to support the local charities.

Visit the website to apply online.
For any further clarification/itinerary, please feel free to contact Agnes/Rachel, Client Liaison OfficersNaivasha Horticultural Fair, mobile: 0726 629 666/0721 118 659.


2011-06-07 Union Fleurs holds fruitful Spring Meeting in Copenhagen

Union Fleurs, the International Floricultural Trade Association, held its annual Spring Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 12 to 15 May 2011. Gathering 31 participants from 13 member countries, the 3-day event was hosted by Danske Prydplanter, the Danish member organisation of Union Fleurs. The program combined professional visits, meetings and social events, and gave a very informative insight into the Danish floricultural sector.

At the opening of the meeting, JFTA (Japan Flower Trade Association) and AFIF (Association of Floral Importers of Florida) were warmly welcomed as new associate members of Union Fleurs, as well as the German company Omniflora as a new affiliate member. ‘Gaining new members helps expand the reach of Union Fleurs and consolidate the existing strengths of our association’, said John Nevado, Union Fleurs relationship manager. ‘We must continue in our efforts to include additional countries in the association in order to enable the worldwide industry to speak with one clear voice and in a cooperative way.’

During the meeting, very interesting and informative presentations were given Ms. Aurora Ierugan from the European Commission, Mr. Peter Larssen Ledet from Danske Prydplanter and Mr. Sugiyama from JFTA. Union Fleurs members also reviewed the various advocacy and lobbying activities carried out in the field of trade and phytosanitary rules by the association and its committees since January, under the guidance of the new Union Fleurs board, which is in office for the 2011-2012 period. ‘The Union Fleurs office is now fully operational in Brussels and ready to provide what is necessary to bring Union Fleurs a step ahead and continue to increase its worldwide visibility ‘ said Sylvie Mamias, Union Fleurs secretary general.

Efforts are especially being focused on implementing a global communication strategy, which includes amongst others the launching of the new Union Fleurs website ( and the development of various activities aiming at increasing the networking opportunities and active exchange of information within the membership. ‘Union Fleurs is first and foremost a member-driven organization that relies on constructive inputs from its membership; we must encourage constant dialogue and interactivity with our members and we will continue to seize every opportunity to increase even more the benefits our members gain from our international association ’ stressed Ralph Ruckstuhl, Vice-President of Union Fleurs.

Union Fleurs members will next meet in Valencia, Spain for the 2011 General Assembly, to be held from 6 to 9 October 2011 on the occasion of the IBERFLORA trade fair, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

For further information, please contact:
Sylvie Mamias
Union Fleurs Secretary General
Tel.: +32 2 736 79 97


2011-03-09 List of Symposia till August 2014

At our website you will find a list of interesting symposia that will be held from March 2011 till August 2014. This list will frequently be updated. See downloads.


2011-03-01 Flowershow Turkey 2011, Special Fair for Plants, Landscape and Subsidiary Industries, 15 - 18 December 2011

Flower Show Istanbul is the only special fair in this field in Turkey. Flower Show Istanbul will be a real commercial platform where the representatives of plant sector and the related sectors will have the opportunity to establish business contacts, to strengthen the current connections and to access to
new markets. Besides following the innovations and developments in the sector, Flower Show Istanbul will also create the opportunity to increase the exportation potentials of the producers in our country and will have an important role in breaking the foreign companies into the Turkish market.

Flower Show Istanbul, Special Fair for Ornament Plants, Landscape and Subsidiary Industries, which aims to enter the international arena as an effective and productive fair, will host sector representatives in Istanbul Fair Centre between the dates of 15-18 December 2011.



2011-03-01 Taipei’s spirit of transformation

As countries grow and develop, certain events in their histories stand out as key moments for ushering in significant processes of change. For Chinese Taipei, the staging of the Taipei International Flora Exposition is such an event, heralding a new era of transformation that promises to promote the country as a hotbed of innovation, and showcase its many economic, cultural and social achievements.

This expo-inspired national reboot, which has turned heads at home and abroad, is the product of progressive policymaking, effective public-private sector cooperation and the indomitable spirit of the Taiwanese people. It also reflects the nation’s will to make its voice heard while rendering a significant contribution to progress—an expression of true democracy in the global community.

As of Feb. 20, the expo had welcomed 4.8 million visitors and looks certain to surpass original projections of attracting 8 million by the time its 170-day run draws to a close April 25, 2011. Continue reading:


2011-03-01 Decision European Patent Office broccoli and tomato cases

Recently the European Patent Office's Enlarged Board of Appeal has rendered its decisions in the so-called "broccoli" (G 2/07) and "tomato" (G 1/08) cases, on the correct interpretation of the term "essentially biological processes for the production of plants (or animals)" used in the European Patent Convention (EPC) to exclude such processes from patentability.

The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) is the highest authority in the EPO's judiciary and, as all other Boards of Appeal of the EPO, acts in full independence of the Office in carrying out its duties. Its task is to ensure a uniform application of the patent law under the EPC.

While the present decisions have the objective of clarifying the legal meaning of the concept of "essentially biological processes" under the EPC, a first concrete application will be provided by the Technical Boards of Appeal, which had referred the questions to the Enlarged Board of Appeal and are now called to decide upon the individual cases in the light of the guidance provided by the Enlarged Board of Appeal.
Further effect of this decision is (in Europe) that pending patent applications will hold, new patent applications will be considered differently and existing patent rights can be questioned. For example the patent application of Jespen for its double flowering Kalanchoe is hold and is likely to be refused on base of above mentioned decision.

AIPH's opinion is that this decision does justice to the fact that breeding methods which exist mainly of (sexual) crossing and selecting should not be patentable. AIPH warns nevertheless for the fact that the patent applicant can avoid the outcome of these decisions easily by writing his patent claims in such a way that its invention is not qualified as essentially biological processes for the production of plants. These decisions also do not mean that patents can not be registered on plant varieties any more. The decision only excludes patents on essentially biological processes. That's why AIPH still has the opinion that the breeders exemption in its full reach should be maintained, also when a patent right is included.

See for the full text of the decision:


2011-03-01     Site inspection Antalya Expo 2016

On February 19th and 20th, 2011 an AIPH delegation went to Turkey to inspect the possible sites for the A1 Horticultural Exhibition to be held in Antalya in 2016. The theme of this expo is "Children and Flowers, a green life for future generations". The AIPH team members were Mr. Doeke Faber, president of AIPH; Mr. Shinya Wada, chairman of the AIPH Marketing Committee; and Mr. Sjaak Langeslag, Secretary General of AIPH. The team was welcomed by the Mayor of Antalya, Mr. Mustaf Akaydin; Mr. Mehmet Seyman, Vice Governor of Antalya; Mr. Necil Nedimoğlu, head of the department for Overseas promotion of Turkey; Mr. Serdar Akçay, architect of the exhibition; Mr. Osman Bağdatlioğlu, president of Antalya Growers and Exporters Union and Mr. Anil Yilmaz and Mrs. Gulsen Bay, staff members of the Union; and by several other people who are involved in the realization of the exhibition.

After a meeting with the Expo 2016 Antalya Executive Board the team attended a meeting of the Expo 2016 Antalya Assembly. In this assembly the general lay out of the exhibition was highlighted by Mr. Serdar Akçay. Also Mr. Faber addressed the assembly and complimented the city of Antalya, and Turkey for the initiative to organize this international event which will bring nature closer to the people. In a world where more and more people are living in cities and urban areas, the need for a healthy environment where children can play and elderly people can relax grows tremendously. It is the goal of AIPH to facilitate this process through the green city initiatives it takes and by supporting and stimulating horticultural exhibitions.
After these meetings the inspection team had the opportunity to see the two possible sites from a helicopter; this gave an excellent view and good impression of the locations. One site was located close to the sea with sandy soil; the other, known as Batem, was more inland with a fertile light clay soil type. After a thorough evaluation where amongst other aspects the effect of see wind and saline soil for the exhibition plants was discussed, the AIPH team concluded that the second location was by far the most suitable for the exhibition. More over because there are some buildings and beautiful rows of old palm trees that can be integrated as attractive and valuable elements in the exhibition. In a final meeting with representatives of the organizing committee and several journalists this conclusion was presented. The Batem area therewith will be the site were the 2016 Antalya Expo will be build.


2011-03-01 International Symposium on Urban and Peri-urban Horticulture in the Century of Cities, Dakar, Senegal, Dec. 6-9, 2010

The International Symposium on Urban and Peri-urban Horticulture in the Century of Cities, which was held in Dakar, Senegal on December 6-9, 2010 was a great success.
This international event, with about 200 participants from 39 countries dealt with all the different issues related to UPH, such as characterization of UPH, production techniques, training and organization of producers, pest control, water management, food safety, supply and marketing, project implementation and city to city cooperation. The SOUPHA (State of Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture in Africa) has been launched.

GlobalHort was very proud to have been able to sponsor this international symposium. The Executive Secretary was very active on the advisory and fundraising committees and chaired one of the plenary sessions. The GlobalHort Chair, Norman Looney, was the keynote speaker and the official GlobalHort representative introduced to the Prime Minister of Senegal and to the Mayor of Dakar.

At the concluding session, Wilfried Baudoin of FAO, summarized the Symposium outputs and made recommendations. Continue reading:


2011-02-08 Symposium Intellectual Property Rights in Horticulture, May 2011

This year the annual symposium of the BeNeLux Society for Horticultural Science (BNL SHS) will be devoted to Intellectual Property Rights in Horticulture. It will be held on May 26th, 2011 in the Scelta Institute in Venlo, in the south-east of the Netherlands. Convener is Dr. Niels Louwaars (Wageningen UR).

The morning session will focus on breeder’s rights in international perspective; the afternoon session will concentrate on breeder’s rights versus patent rights.

Following the symposium a visit to the grounds of the Floriade 2012 will be possible. Floriade is a World Horticultural Expo staged once every ten years in the Netherlands. During the period from April until mid-October 2012, the sixth edition of Floriade will be held in Venlo.

More detailed information about this symposium will be given on the website, The cost of the symposium will probably be around € 30 for members of the BeNeLux SHS and students and € 50 for non-members, lunch included.

If you are interested in attending the symposium you are kindly requested to pre-register by sending a message to the secretary of the BeNeLux SHS, Prof. Monique Bodson, at This will help the organization to make the necessary reservations.


News 2010

2010-12-21 2011 Edition of the Communities in Bloom International Challenge

The International Challenge involves winners from different National Programs (Communities in Bloom, Britain in Bloom, America in Bloom, Tidy Towns of Ireland, Japan in Bloem Entente Florale and others) competing with each other based on population categories. Invitations are also sent to communities from countries without National Programs.

Communities in Bloom ( organizes the International Challenge (logistics, scheduling, and information).

The International Challenge consist of communities receiving information and being evaluated by an international jury on the accomplishments of their entire community (municipal, private, corporate and institutional sectors, citizens) on eight key criteria: Tidiness, Environmental Awareness, Community Involvement Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation, Urban Forestry, Landscape Areas, Floral Displays, and Turf & Groundcovers. The evaluation takes place in July and August.

  • Municipalities pay a registration fee (based on population), provide accommodations for the jury (2 international judges) while in their community (Communities in Bloom is responsible for travel between countries);
  • The judges visit the community for 1 to 2 days (as community involvement is an important element) using the Communities in Bloom Evaluation Form;
  • The results are announced during the Communities in Bloom Awards Ceremonies held in conjunction with the National Symposium on Parks and Grounds.

The 2011 Symposium and Awards Ceremonies will be held from October 26th to October 29th in Quebec City, Quebec Canada, hosted by the National Battlefields Commission.

International Finalists are provided with promotional and networking opportunities throughout the edition and during the Symposium and Awards.


2010-12-07 The Mayor of Suncheon, Mr. Roh Kwan Kyu, awarded as “Korean Public Person of the Year”

The Mayor of Suncheon, Mr. Roh Kwan Kyu, was selected as “Public Person of the Year” for his contribution on making Korea shines bright at the International Consumer Forum Committee.
This award is granted to a person whom has made considerable contribution to the country in the areas of politics, economy, social, cultural and welfare development. It’s also awarded for displaying outstanding performance in being a role model as leader.
The judges, selected from various specialist fields in Korea, performed a transparent and strict screening in selecting the final winner.
The judges acknowledged the contribution of Mr. Roh in transforming Suncheon City into adopting a “green-city” strategy and branding it as the Ecological Capital of Korea. Acknowledgement was further given in using this brand to excel and expand the local economy.
Finally the judges gave a high rating to Mr. Roh for his endeavor to position Suncheon as a popular “world city” Hosting the International Garden Expo Suncheon Bay, Korea 2013 is adding huge value to this status of the city. On November 9th 2010, Suncheon city won a silver prize at the Livcome Awards in Chicago as being one of the most livable cities in the