Committee for Marketing and Exhibitions

Chairman:Mr. Shinya Wada (JCLA, Japan), 
Vice-chairman:Mr. Kevin Chung (TFDA, Chinese Taipei),

Mr. Tim Briercliffe (AIPH)

The 'Marketing Committee' develops activities that will support the sale of flowers and plants. This is done by exchanging knowlegde and examples of marketing and promotion activities by the various committee members. A number of activities is co-ordinated and actively carried out by the Committee itself.

International Horticultural Exhibitions

A very important task of the Committee is to co-ordinate, registrate and approve International Horticultural Exhibitions and monitor the progress of preparation and exploitation. These exhibitions are divided into four categories:

A1 International exhibition of long duration (at least 3 months, 6 months at most)
A2 International exhibition of short duration (at least 8 days, 20 days at most)
B1 National exhibition of long duration (including foreign participations, if so desired)
B2 National exhibition of short duration

The approval and recognition of these exhibitions is done in accordance with the Bureau International of Exhibitions (BIE) where A1 exhibitions are registered. To co-ordinate International Horticultural Exhibitions the Committee keeps a calendar on exhibitions. This calendar shows both the approved exhibitions and those applied for.

Entente Florale

The 'Marketing Committee' supports the activities of Entente Florale, the European Competion for Towns and Villages with the aim of encouraging the greening of private and public spaces and environmently friendly behavior in the communities. Some members of the Marketing Committee are also member of the board or the jury of Entente Florale. Through these members the communication between the two organizations is maintained. AIPH has made the promotional leaflets of Entente Florale, provides special awards for the winners of the competition and helps to finance a website for Entente Florale. (

Plants for People

The Committee seconds the Plants for People initiative. The Plants for People message will be conveyed not only by means of co-ordinating and stimulating the research, but also by spreading the results. This message concerns the positive effects of plants on the social climate as well as on the work atmosphere. Furthermore, both the physical and the psychological factors are elucidated. Five AIPH members (Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Austria and The Netherlands) are already active with this promotion programme for pot plants. Belgium and The Netherlands had a programme together with the EU. The Marketing Committee decided to edit an international booklet to show politicians and the public the importance of flowers and plants for people and society. The booklet has the title: "AIPH-Brochure more than just beautiful.pdf".