About AIPH

International Organization of Horticultural Producers

The AIPH is a co-ordinating body representing horticultural producers' organizations all over the world. It was set up in Switzerland in 1948 to stimulate international marketing of flowers, plants and landscaping services. An increasing number of growers organizations have joined AIPH with 25 countries represented in 2000.
Member countries pay a membership fee that corresponds to the production value of horticultural production of the country in question.

Platform for exchanging knowledge

The free trade in ornamental plant products is still one of the spearheads of AIPH and is realised via exchange of knowledge and experience. The exchanges take place during meetings at the annual Congress and during theme sessions. The most important AIPH publication is the yearbook containing statistics on production, trade and market developments.
Six standing committees operate within the AIPH in respective fields of breeders' rights, the environment, recognition of international horticultural exhibitions and statistics. The organization works in close co-operation with the international flower trade association, Union Fleurs. AIPH represents the participating countries in discussions with the international bodies like the International Bureau on Exhibitions (BIE), Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and the international organization for the protection of breeders' rights (UPOV).